Why Everyone Should Read The Lost Art of Listening by Michael, P. Nichols

Communication is the Key

Without a doubt, a top goal of individuals, couples, or parents upon coming to counseling is better communication.

Oftentimes, there is a belief that the therapist has a set of beneficial techniques or steps which will lead to better communication for the client and those he or she is struggling with within the relationship.

Learning through Listening

Clients are often surprised when we begin tackling communication problems by looking at listening skills. In his book, The Lost Art of Listening: How Learning to Listen Can Improve Relationships, Dr. Michael P. Nichols writes:

“Better listening doesn’t start with a set of techniques.  It starts with making a sincere effort to pay attention to what’s going on in the other person’s private world of experience.”

We give the gift of understanding when we listen with less criticism, impatience, or defensiveness, and we earn the right to have the same exchange in return.  This is what is at the heart of building better communication!

Individuals who engage in listening with skill and careful attention to the details of another person’s experiences begin to gain empathy for that person in ways that may make communication flow much easier. Nichols gently lays out the pitfalls of communicating void of listening first, then engages the reader in a journey of discovering the art of listening. The Art of Listening is an engaging read and filled with eye-opening insight leading to more intimate communication between individuals, which is why Nichol’s text is often used as a beneficial adjunct to many therapeutic processes.

Check out the video below to learn Five Strategies to Help You Become a Better Listener and be sure to pick up a copy of this book at your local library.

Five Strategies to Help You Become a Better Listener

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