Small Changes… Big Miracles

CC began counseling because she felt her life was falling apart. Her relationships were struggling, and she was feeling overwhelmed as she parented. She didn’t understand why, all of a sudden, everything felt so hard. She loves Jesus and wants to feel the joy of the Lord, but all she feels right now are anger and hurt. She asked, “Why won’t He work a miracle in my life and fix the pain I am feeling?”  

CC began to work with her counselor on a weekly basis. She began to use new tools to settle her body and manage her emotions. After mastering the tools, CC bravely began looking back at her story and discovered that life had become so hard because she had been holding the hard pieces of her story alone. She had never processed the attachment wounds and relational ruptures she experienced as a teenager when she lost her parents unexpectedly. Understandably, she had been too busy focusing on surviving on her own and could not take the time needed to process the significant losses she had experienced. But now that her children were becoming teenagers, the pain and grief held back for so many years was coming to the surface.

Each week, as she unpacked her story with her counselor, who intentionally partnered with the Holy Spirit in the therapeutic process, CC discovered that the Lord was with her in the pain. He does not ask us to sweep pain away to feel joy. He wants to come into our pain and bring healing, leading to joy. The small steps with the Lord were the miracles the Lord was working on in her life. They looked different than she expected, but they were miracles nonetheless.

While CC is not a real client and her story is fictional, her story represents many of the clients we work with each day. I often tell my clients that we get a front-row seat to watching God work miracles. Each small but brave step they take is significant in accomplishing the full miracle the Lord wants to provide.

What are the small steps you are taking in your life toward health? I encourage you to see those small steps as miracles. Don’t take those for granted or dismiss them as insignificant. All good things come from the Lord.

If you find that carrying your hurt and pain is too heavy, you are not alone. I encourage you to seek out help from a counselor who could help you carry and process that pain.

Celebrate the small steps toward healing because they are not “just” steps.


They are miracles!


Written by: Ashley Brooks, PhD, LPC-S

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