Natalie Landry, LCSW

Are you going through a “tough” time? Have you been struggling to find joy, peace, or a sense of purpose? Oftentimes life puts us through the spin cycle and we are left reeling to find some semblance of balance. This is ok and perfectly normal. We all face these difficult times in life but we don’t all take advantage of having a safe space to talk about our feelings surrounding our troubles. Hopefully, you are ready to take that step. Together we can identify and challenge your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors in order to find greater levels of freedom and strategies to cope with the hard things of life.


Areas of Focus:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Stress
  • Self-esteem
  • Boundary Issues
  • Relational Issues 
  • Stress and Life Adjustment Difficulties 

About Natalie Landry:

I see counseling as an avenue for you to have your voice heard in a welcoming, non-judgmental space by a person who really wants to know your story. My mission is to walk with you through the tough spots of life to provide support, counsel, wisdom and presence. My goal is to teach you skills and strategies to help you reach a state of equilibrium in your thoughts and behaviors. 

I am a Louisiana native having lived in various places in our state. I became a Christian my first week of college all because of a chocolate chip cookie. I have now been walking with Jesus for 20+ years now.. I earned my Master’s in Social Work from Louisiana State University in 2014. I have worked with inmates, psychiatric patients, and substance abusers. My passion is working with the “broken” and the hurting.

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