Mallory Wendling, SI

 Welcome to Restoration Counseling, I am excited for you as you start, or continue to take steps to be a healthier YOU! Life is hard. Situations can be overwhelming, but there are actions we can take in order to make them feel manageable.

Together, I believe you and I can work towards a healthier you as we work to discover what tools work best for you and how to incorporate them into your life. We will create goals that include smaller stepping stones to allow for the daunting things in life become a little more feasible. I would like to provide a safe space for you to take off the mask you might feel forced to wear and I would be honored to work with you towards healing.

I love working with children as well as adults, but it is hard for kiddos to express what they are feeling and I use play as a therapeutic approach. As the caregiver, we often see their big emotions expressed through anger or disobedience, and I want to help you identify what your child might be feeling and help them understand it too. Anxiety, depression, fear and other emotions are scary for kiddos, just as these emotions are scary for adults. As parents and guardians it can be frustrating when our best parenting skills seem to fail us, I would like to be a part of your journey, provide tools to help your child to express what he or she may be feeling and to work towards becoming a healthy adult.

What I can offer:

Empathy – Life is hard and to have someone listening with understanding makes things a little more manageable.

Strategy – without a plan we will not go far. I will listen to your goals and we will work together to shape into clear objectives together.

Perspective\Clarity: It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the things going through our mind, I would like to provide an outside perspective as you share life’s challenges.

Hope: Christ has given us hope when we can not see the next steps in life. I would like to use Scripture to provide hope in hopeless situations.

Safety: Talking about our challenges is daunting and I would like to provide space that is free of fear and to walk with you in those moments.

Areas of focus:




Relationship issues


Identity/Spiritual Growth

Stress and coping

Life Transitions

About me:

I am a graduate student at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. In 2015 I completed a Bachelors of Arts degree with an emphasis in Social Work in Illinois and joined a crisis response ministry in New Orleans. I was an internship coordinator for a few years where I fell in love with working with people. The Lord showed me that I was to continue my education and I began my Masters in Counseling degree. In my free time you can find me setting up times to hang out with friends, playing with kids, baking or working on the next project.

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