Janaea Carr, LMSW

 Ever felt overwhelmed? Alone? Misunderstood? Stuck?  And confused as to why you feel this way? Sometimes life seems to happen so quickly all around us that we do not feel as if we have enough time to keep up with it.  Without proper time to sit and reflect on life’s events, we can find ourselves experiencing some pretty negative and sometimes frightening emotions but are unable to verbalize why exactly we feel the way that we feel.  Having someone to process these events alongside you can offer you the fresh perspective that you need to begin connecting the dots of your changing emotions.    

My philosophy of counseling:  

I believe that you are the expert on your life.  No one knows you (outside of God) better than you know you.  Because of this, change will happen and last longer if you’re an active participant in the process.  I believe that counseling is a collaborative effort between the counselor and the counselee to process past experiences and then carve out a new path for the future.  

What I can offer you:

Judgement-free safe space:  We all need people in our lives that we can be 100% honest with–without fear of judgment; unfortunately, not everyone has someone like this, and even those of us who do may lack the ability to drop our defenses and let others in due to past negative experiences.  I offer a safe, judgment-free space where you can begin to lower your defenses and experience the healing that arises from not having to bear the weight on your own.        

Renewed Hope:  Sometimes when we’ve dealt with certain issues for so long, we can begin to feel that there is no way out.  I can help you tap back into the hope that change and freedom are still possible and very much within reach.  By offering a fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective, we can begin to uncover the many roads that already exist on your road to healing.  

Deepened Spirituality:  Being a follower of Christ does not exempt us from falling prey to lies of the enemy.  These lies can run deep, affecting our thoughts, emotions and behaviors and are often not easily able to be identified.  I would like to assist you in uncovering those lies for what they really are and replacing them with the truth of who God says you are.   

Areas of Focus:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Boundary Issues
  • Grief
  • Identity and Spiritual Growth
  • Coping Skills
  • Relationship Issues

About Me:

As a true New Orleans native, one of my favorite past times hands down is eating, but I don’t enjoy eating the same old boring things day after day.  You can find me cruising around the city on weekends looking for new foods to try. Thankfully along with eating, I also enjoy working out and just being out in nature.  I am newly married and am enjoying every bit of this new life that I am carving out with my husband. I also love music, road trips, traveling, reading, spending time with family and sleeping.  

Recommended Books:

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk

The Wisdom of Your Heart by Marc Alan Schelske

Attachments: Why You Love, Feel and Act the Way You Do by Dr. Tim Clinton and Dr. Gary Sibcy

Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge


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Get a free copy of Book 1 in our Keys to Freedom series, Vulnerability

Signup today for the free Vulnerability workbook and to join our monthly newsletter.