Implement Grounding Exercises to Soothe your Anxiety

Note: Implement this relaxation exercise to soothe your anxiety and relax your trauma response.

Are you currently feeling stressed and need to soothe your anxiety?

We have found an exercise that helps regulate your mind and body; it’s called a grounding exercise. There are many different types of grounding exercises.

This exercise we will walk you through is called the “Grounding Chair.” You can use this exercise anytime. It helps to keep your mind and body in the present moment.  For instance, let’s say you are being triggered by a memory that’s creating some distress.

Grounding Chair

Find a chair or sit on the ground and go through this exercise with mindfulness.After you’ve found your grounding space, start to contemplate how you feel in this chair. Are you comfortable? If not, maybe grab a blanket or an object that is comforting to you. Then be mindful of where your feet are and make sure that your feet are lying flat on the ground.

Place your hands on your lap and get into your relaxed position when you have your feet firmly planted on the ground. Start to take some deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel these breaths as they become slower and slower, allowing your body to relax. Once you start to feel more relaxed, be mindful of any tension in your body and focus on any tender spots. Then focus on those spots of tension and use mindful breath to relax your body.

After your body is relaxed, start to think about your present moment.

Where are you?

What does the seat feel like under your body? (i.e. Is the chair curved, soft, or supportive)

Let your body feel supported.

Now that you are present, you can allow yourself to be mindful of your mind. If your mind is distressed from memories of the past, you can affirm that you are not in that place and you are presently safe.

Then take a deep breath.

If you feel stressed or anxious, where are you feeling this in your body?

Are your shoulders tight? Then intentionally focus on your shoulders and breathe deep breaths to release the tension. You can use positive self-talk or mantras during this time. “I am capable of accomplishing this task” “I am enough.”

If you are feeling depressed, feel this emotion in your body.

Where is it located? If you find this emotion is in your chest, focus on your chest and feel your chest expand and fall. You can also utilize positive self-talk or mantras and tell yourself, “I am loved,” “God loves me,” “I love me,” “I am worthy of love,” or whatever speaks to you at this moment. 

If utilizing mantras, deep breaths, and positive self-talk is not your favorite. You can also be mindful of the thoughts and emotions that you are feeling in your mind or physically push the negative feelings and emotions away. You can ask yourself why you’re feeling these emotions. Do I need something at this moment? Am I tired, hungry, thirsty, or in need of space? Provide yourself with grace and with what your mind and body are requiring.

Once you have found that your mind and body are relaxed, take a few last slow breaths and slowly open your eyes. Provide yourself with a positive affirmation or just sit in this space, taking a moment for yourself to reacclimate to your day.

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