Glenn Creech, PLPC

 Welcome and kudos for considering taking steps to improve your life! Whether you are dealing with a recent and urgent issue or something you’ve endured for a long time, I applaud you for taking the initiative to make changes. No person escapes life without suffering through negative and hurtful experiences. Some are accidental. Some are physical, mental, or spiritual. Some are the consequences of our own mistakes. Some are the result of wounds we receive from those we love. Inviting a trained observer to join you as a teammate to evaluate your situation can often bring light and understanding. With your active participation and God’s help, making a change is possible.



What I can offer you:

Clarity: Often we get stuck in the way we see our troubles. By verbalizing our thoughts and feelings, and collaboratively evaluating our ideas and experiences, we may see things from a new perspective and get clarity.

Hope: Clarity and perspective inspire hope. Hope fuels new energy and the motivation to make changes. Combined with our hope in Christ, and with the guiding presence of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives, God can work miracles that affect healthy change both now and forever.

Passion: For thirty years, I served as an international missionary in three Asian countries. During those years, I served in a variety of roles. In my most recent position, I served missionary families who were experiencing some sort of crisis, whose problems varied in nature and intensity. Problem solving and helping people resolve life issues became a passion. It is this passion that inspired me to seek a degree in marriage and family counseling.

Areas of Focus:





Relationship Issues

Codependency/Boundary Issues

Identity and Spiritual Growth

Stress and Life Adjustment Difficulties

About me:

Originally from South Carolina, I moved to New Orleans in 2016 to study. My wife (of forty years) and I are both re-tooling our career skills to work in the US job market. I have two adult sons who live far away. My favorite time of year is when we’re all together. While studying demands most of my time, I love eating brunch somewhere new on Saturday mornings. I also love cooking some of my favorite Asian meals for family and friends. The city of New Orleans has drawn many of our friends from around the world to visit. It’s been fun hosting them and sharing our new city.

Recommended Books:

Mindsight by Daniel J. Siegel

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Gottman

Attachments by Clinton and Sibcy

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk

Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson


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