Free Covid Coping Sessions

Beginning March 25, Restoration Counseling Center will be offering free Covid Coping Sessions (through a video call) as a way to help the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana emotionally cope with the stressors this pandemic has imposed on our lives. The sessions are designed to help the individual process their present situation. Clinicians will give strategies for stress management and emotional well-being in the midst of the ongoing pressures. They will be one time sessions with the ability to re-register up to two times.

Our desire is to help those in the community needing someone to talk to during this unique time of intense emotional stress, financial strain, health concerns, and social distancing. We also want to serve those who are on the front lines of service. The medical professionals and other health care workers are tireless serving others all while managing their own personal struggles from the impact of this epidemic.

Our clinicians are Telehealth certified and well trained. There is no fee for the  50-minute session.

Give us a call at 504-913-5039 or email us at

Please have the following information available:

1. Name

2. Address (need to be located in LA)

3. Birthdate

4. Local Emergency Contact

5. Phone number

6. Email address

7. Are you in a helping profession?

You will need to have access to a computer/device that has Chrome, Firefox, or Safari and an internet connection.