Magical Thinking and Motivation

By: Jamie Klemashevich “I just can’t get motivated.”  Most people have bemoaned their lack of motivation at some point in life.  Whether motivation to exercise, motivation to do work, or motivation to build relationships, motivation seems to be in short supply.  The term motivation indicates willingness to pursue goals.  However, I hear people use the[…]

Good Pain (no not masochism)

By: Jamie Klemashevich When I was a child, I hated shots.  Everyone did, but I really did.  Clawing at the wall like a rabid animal in the futile hope that I could fight my way out of the situation kind of hatred.  The doctors tried “framing” it in gentler ways.  “You’re just going to feel[…]

What Is Going On With My Teenager???

By: Jamie Klemashevich “I believe my child has been inhabited by aliens.”  Most parents of adolescents don’t say it out loud, but find themselves thinking “who is this child?!”  It can be difficult for parents to know what’s really going on.  Is it hormones?  Is it a phase?  Should I take my child to see[…]

Loving Manipulative People: Part 4

By: Jamie Klemashevich In the last post, we explored action steps for dealing with manipulative people in a loving way.  But what if your most beautiful, thoughtful, prayerful efforts to respond well have no effect?  What if a person continues to cross boundaries and continues use manipulation tactics on you?  Take a deep breath my[…]

Loving Manipulative People: Part 2

By: Jamie Klemashevich Last time, I shared about how we often confuse love with “niceness.”  Love speaks difficult truth, and love does not enable manipulation.  Loving a manipulator often means being more direct that you want to be, and it may involve having some difficult conversations to set your boundaries.  We will get into that[…]

Moms, We Need A Change!

Many moms work hard to:     – help their children reach the “normal” developmental milestones;     – get their kids to eat healthy, make healthy friendships, and develop good character;     – allow their kids to attend good schools or to homeschool them.Moms have so many hopes and dreams for their children, but at the[…]