Ashley Brooks, PhD, LPC-S, LMFT

Welcome! I am so excited that you are thinking about taking steps to improve your personal well-being and your relationship with your spouse or loved one. Taking these first few steps towards counseling can be scary and uncertain. It is my prayer that information on our website will help answer some questions about us and our counseling approach and make those first steps a little easier.

Life is hard!  So are relationships. We live in a world full of hurt and despair; where bad things happen to good people and relationships seem to crumble all around us. Unfortunately, I do not have a magic wand that I can wave to change your circumstances. Nor do I have a magic pill that immediately makes you feel better. All good things come from God and all things of worth take some work to attain.

What we do offer are the following:


During my 18+ years of counseling, I have seen God work miracle after miracle in people’s lives and in their relationships. When you first begin counseling, it is really hard to hope that life and relationships can be better. So, your counselor will hope for you. As you see God work miracles in your life, your own hope will grow.

Counsel & Wisdom Based on Reliance Upon the Holy Spirit

Our counselors have a great deal of education and experience, but that knowledge and experience only allows them to help people make temporary changes. Because we rely on the Holy Spirit’s wisdom, He takes what we have, uses His infinite healing abilities, and creates change that is permanent. He restores the spirit, soul, and body.


Points along your healing journey will be harder than others. Your counselor will stand beside you and walk with you along that journey no matter how hard it gets.

Facilitate Self-Understanding

God created us so that our body, soul, and spirit are intricately interwoven and interconnected. Our thoughts are based on the beliefs we hold about our selves, God, and the world around us. Our emotions are given to us as messengers to reinforce the good thoughts and behaviors and warn us against bad ones. When we do not listen to our emotions, our emotions begin storing in our body and create uncomfortable physical symptoms. Our spirit is the relational part of us. It seeks after worth and purpose. When our spirit and souls are aligned with the Truth of God’s Word, our relationships with God, our self, and others grow and prosper. Unhealthiness begins to grow when we ignore our body and soul (thoughts, emotions, personality) and refuse to walk in Spirit and Truth.

My Goals for the Counselors at this Office:

Help you identify the unhealthy patterns and behaviors in your life that are hindering you from living a life of freedom and abundance. (John 8:36; John 10:10)

Teach you new skills and healthy behaviors to replace the old patterns and help you reach the goals we set for counseling. Our goal is for your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions to align with the Truth of Scripture.

Help you come to a better understanding of who God is and grow in your love for Him and for the important people in your life.

On A Personal Note:

I am an outgoing introvert. I deeply enjoy spending time with my close friends and family, but if I were to be honest, my ideal day would be spent curled up by a fireplace with a cup of coffee (more cream and sugar than coffee) and a great book. I delight in spending time with my two daughters and son, who are my favorite little people in the whole world. My husband is my pride and joy. We have been married for over 14 years and each year gets better and better. He is my best friend and the recipient of my highest respect and deepest love. My favorite past times are reading, watching romantic comedies, crocheting, and grabbing dinner with my girl friends. My favorite part of the day is the cup of coffee I have with the Lord each morning. The forgiveness, encouragement, love, truth and acceptance I receive from Him infuses my day with peace and stability I would not otherwise have.

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