Alexis Rosendo, Office Assistant

“The only thing constant is change.” We all can agree that life is difficult and not for the faint of heart, and that the constant change on top of the difficulty only seems to add insult to injury. Sometimes it feels like too much just to keep up with the changes that are happening or need to happen, let alone get ahead of them! But whether you are desiring to make a significant change or are attempting to adjust to a change that occurred outside of your control, you are in a place that all have been in, or will be in one day soon. You are not alone. I am honored and privileged to offer support and guidance as you navigate this change while pursuing the highest quality of life possible for you. 

The hardest, most important step is deciding that you want to face this change head-on in a healthy way, and I’m glad you have made that decision. Let us partner together to be strategic and spirit-led in our endeavor to achieve your personal goals and manage your change, whatever it may be. Here is what I offer you as a counselor: 

What I offer you:

Comfort and Reassurance: It takes courage to commit to counseling, and you deserve a welcoming and safe environment for it to take place. I offer a comfortable and freeing space for counseling. You will not need to apologize for your condition, but instead you will be validated and reassured that you can be empowered for the change you want. I will seek to understand you and you will be met with my deepest empathy. 

Knowledgeable Strategy: Regardless of where we want to end up, we will need a map! I offer knowledgeable strategies that we will use to partner together in achieving your goals from start to finish. I will assist you in creating a targeted approach to a better quality of life, and support you along the way in a manner that gives confidence that our partnership can be trusted.

Hope: Big changes and hard decisions often seem impossible, and the mounting weight of what we need to do can feel overwhelming when compared with what we think we are able to do. I offer a hopeful perspective that reminds you of your limitlessness, even in the midst of life’s darkest and most daunting situations. 

Biblical Perspective: My entire worldview and approach to life is filtered through the Bible and its truth about life, people, sin and grace. God is the source of all strength, knowledge, and wisdom, so we can receive answers and solutions from the Lord that relate to our present situations. God is also the source of grace and love, so we can receive redemption, second chances and healing from Him that give strength for today and tomorrow. It’s an honor to help individuals transition from ‘empty’ to ‘full’ by relying on God’s truth as the foundation for significant change. 

Areas of Focus:





Relationship Issues

Codependency/Boundary Issues

Identity and Spiritual Growth

Stress and Life Adjustment Difficulties


Coping Skills

About me: 

I am a graduate student at Regent University. I am pursuing a Masters of Arts in Pastoral Counseling as well as a Masters in Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I also have a Master’s of Science in Nonprofit Administration from LSU. My passion is in empowering and serving others through nonprofit work, community-based efforts, and restorative counseling.  Originally from Washington, DC, I am proudly married to a supportive husband and we have a sweet and joyful son who just turned one! In my spare time I am found organizing spaces, reading Stephen King novels, spending time outdoors with my family, or watching Audrey Hepburn movies.

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