July 13, 2016

Premarital Counseling

Congratulations on your recent engagement!  We believe in helping couples thrive and not just survive the first years of marriage.  One way we accomplish this goal is by offering premarital counseling.  A 2003 article located on webmd.com states, “research reviewed 23 studies on the effectiveness of premarital counseling and found that the average couple who participates in a premarital counseling and education program reports a 30% stronger marriage than other couples.”*

Our premarital program consists of an initial assessment that measures your strengths and growth areas as a couple.  From here, your counselor will use this information to help you prepare for the highs and lows in the road ahead.  While premarital counseling is usually full of laughter and fun, your counselor will be asking tough questions in order to help you explore the world of your upcoming marriage as best as possible.  Our philosophy is ask and answer the hard questions before you get married instead of afterwards.

Individual circumstances determines the length of time you will spend in therapy.  On average, a couple with no children whom have never been married before will be in counseling for about 6-8 sessions.  If, you have been married before or have children, we are so glad you too are considering premarital counseling.  While counseling may take longer than 6 sessions, your therapist can give you a general idea of the topics each session will cover in order to help you approach counseling with a plan you approve of and appreciate.

*Premarital Counseling Builds Better Union