January 12, 2017

Ashley Jamison, LPC, LAC

I am so glad you are thinking about counseling. Hurts, conflicts, and difficulties all get in the way of us being who God made us to be. Working through these issues and freeing yourself from the weight of them will be a huge step in your emotional health, and it will have an impact on your physical health and your spiritual health as well.

Counseling is a collaborative process. You are the expert on your story and I have tools that will help you as we sort through it. My goal is to walk alongside you in whatever you are dealing with.

What I offer as we walk together:


Hope is a big part of the process and there may be times when you don’t feel like you have any. I will always have hope for you. I will be hoping and expecting God to work through our time together and bring healing to your situation.


As we walk together I will offer you understanding. I will listen, clarify, and make sure I understand what you are dealing with. I will also help you understand yourself and your story better. As we both grow in understanding we will be able to walk together toward the truth that God has for you.

Areas of focus:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress/Life difficulties
  • Past and present hurts
  • Grief
  • Relationship Issues
  • Identity and Spiritual Growth
  • Pre-marital and marital counseling
  • Re-entry/Culture shock
  • Addictions (and family members)
  • Severe mental illness

A Little About Me:

I have been counseling for 6+ years and I love what I get to see God do through it. I enjoy drinking coffee with people I love. I like cooking and trying new recipes. I adore spending time with my husband and my son. They are my favorite. We are always looking for a new place to explore, and we love a Sunday afternoon walk. I am working on my PhD in psychology and counseling so I also spend a lot of time reading.

Book Recommendations:

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero

The Search for Significance by Robert McGee

Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend

Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

A Note About Substance Abuse

I am a trained addiction counselor, but I am not personally in recovery. Other people in recovery are going to be your greatest resource for establishing and maintaining your sobriety. My role in your recovery will be helping you to go deeper to the root of your addiction and helping you to resolve any issues that are making recovery harder or keeping you “white knuckling” instead of fully embracing recovery. I would love to walk through this with you, but I won’t be very helpful to you unless you can get at least 30 days of sobriety under your belt and actively participate in a recovery group (AA, Celebrate Recovery, SMART Recovery, etc.).