October 29, 2019

Heather Allen, PLPC

Welcome to Restoration Counseling!  It can be difficult when we have tried for so long to handle life on our own and then come to the realization that we need help.  By you taking the first step in seeking help, you are already starting the process of healing and restoration in your life.  

To any relationship, trust is a foundational component.  This is most certainly true in the counseling room, but for many the idea of trusting the deepest parts of your heart to a counselor that you just met may seem difficult.  With that in mind, I want to provide you with what you can expect in your counseling sessions.

What I can offer you: 

  • A Christ-Centered Perspective 
    • The Holy Spirit plays a major role in the counseling process.
  • Biblical principles as well as evidence-based counseling models will be incorporated to help you reach your counseling goals.
  • The fruit of the spirit in you (Galatians 5). There will be a continual focus on development of Christlikeness as you continue to work through the specific challenges that have brought you to counseling.
  • Counseling as a partnership between the client and the counselor.
    • This means we work together to establish goals and expectations for your counseling experience.
    • A Compassionate/listening ear
  • You can share your story in as much detail as you feel comfortable.  (You can share more as trust grows.)

Whatever situation it is that brings you to counseling, from family dynamics, to relationship struggles, to personal conflicts, there is hope!  These struggles don’t have to define your life. There is a way to make meaning from these difficult circumstances and solidify your identity in Christ.