Becoming More Aware of Orphan Care

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Did you know that if one family from each church in America chose to add to their family through one adoption, most, if not all, the orphans in the U.S. would have forever families? This is EXCITING NEWS!!! You may know that your family is not able to adopt or foster, but that is okay! God has called each of us to be different parts of the body of Christ so that ALL the needs are met. You may be the part in Orphan Care called to pray. You may be the one called to contribute financially to the costs of adoption or foster care. Or you may be called to add to your family through adoption/foster care. No matter what part God has given you to do, this months information is for you.

In James 1:27 we are told that pure and faultless religion, which God accepts, is one that looks after orphans and widows in their distress. Orphan care has a special place in the heart and ministry of Restoration Counseling. Each one of our staff is involved in some way in adoption and orphan care ministry. Some are prayer supporters of adopting/fostering families. Some are intimately involved in the lives of adoptive/foster children and their families. Others are adoptive parents or have been adopted themselves. We all have different stories of how adoption/orphan care has touched our lives and we are thankful for those blessings.

November is Adoption Awareness month. We are so excited to be talking with you about adoption this month and sharing with you ways you can become involved in Orphan/Foster Care. We will be posting 2 articles on Understanding Adoption: An Insider’s View. One of the articles will be written by our staff member who is an adoptive parent. The other article will be written by our staff member who was adopted as a young child. One story involves domestic adoption and the other involves international adoption. Both staff members share a heart and passion for adoption which we know you will catch as you read the articles. We will also be posting some fun and creative ways you can easily become involved in Orphan/Foster Care both physically and prayerfully. We hope this months articles and information helps you identify the need God wants you to help meet. Our question to you is this: How are you actively portraying that “pure and faultless religion” to the orphans in your life today?

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