Moms, We Need A Change!

Many moms work hard to:     – help their children reach the “normal” developmental milestones;     – get their kids to eat healthy, make healthy friendships, and develop good character;     – allow their kids to attend good schools or to homeschool them.Moms have so many hopes and dreams for their children, but at the[…]

For better, for worse

Recently, I have seen an influx of couples seeking counseling and asking one question: are we prepared for marriage. As a counselor I get elated when premarital couples come in with this question on their hearts. Partly because they still kind of like each other, which makes therapy more fun, and partly because I am[…]

Through the Eyes of an Adoptee

Hi!  My name is Carianne.  If, you know me, you are automatically visualizing what I look like.  Short.  Black hair.  Awesome squinty eyes.  Maybe you don’t know me, but you’ve heard the song “hey Carrie Anne, what’s your game now, can anybody play.”  I still remember the Vice Principal of the high school I attended[…]